Traditional Thai Massage

60 mins - $65 |   90 mins - $85  |  120 mins - $115

Traditional Thai Massage includes tensed muscle relaxation, reduces fatigue, improves blood circulation and creates an overall well being of your health and mind.

Aromatic Massage

60 mins - $65 |   90 mins - $85  |  120 mins - $115

Aromatic massage provides customers with a variety of essential oil fragrances choice. You will feel completely relaxed with the combination of these essential oils and a gentle massage over the entire body

Sport Massage

60 mins - $65 |   90 mins - $85  |  120 mins - $115

The sport massage uses deep pressure technique that specifically focuses on the area of the body that are overused and stressed. It relieves muscle and tissue tension and improves blood circulation

Pregnant Massage

60 mins - $65 |   90 mins - $85  |  120 mins - $115

Some pregnancy needs a comfort relaxation too!   This is a perfect choice for you.   Pregnant massage is a special therapy design to relieve muscular tension, backs pain, reduce peripheral swelling and help to prevent insomnia too.

Hot Stone

90 mins - $105  |  120 mins - $125

Hot Stone Massage delivers a treatment with heated stone together with oil to promote a fully relaxation  of muscle.

Thai Herbal Massage

90 mins - $105  |  120 mins - $125

Special Thai Massage with the poultice filled with Thai herbal and spices. The poultice will be steamed and gently apply on the body with essential oil fragrances to help relieve tensed muscles while releasing healing benefits of the herbs and spices into the body.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30mins $35 | 60mins $65

This massage is focused on specific parts of head, neck and shoulder relieving tensed muscles and tissues around those areas.   Essential oils will be offered with this massage.

Foot Massage

30mins $35 | 60mins $65

This massage is based on the reflexology of the foot. By applying focused pressure onto particular points located on the sole of the foot.  
It helps stimulate the body's well being and distress the system. Essential oils are also used with this massage.

Body Scrub (booking required)

90mins $115 | 120mins $130

Choice of: coffee, Thai herb, green tea, avocado, carrot, orange

A gentle cleansing treatment with choice of above to exfoliate and detoxify dead skin cells as well as rejuvenate the skin, aim to leave with skin feeling smooth, healthy and soft. Essential oil massage will be included which helps in blood circulation for a very refreshed feeling.

24K Gold Collagen Facial Treatment

60 mins - $95

Rejuvenate your face with our 24K gold collagen facial treatment. This treatment includes a cleanser, scrub, massage, mask and toner. It will leave your face feeling fresh, soft, healthy and more shiny than before.

Thai Herbal facial Treatment

60 mins - $70

Treat your face with Thai herbal helping you with pore firming, leaving your skin looking smooth, moisturized and better than ever.